IO Capture Use & License

By using the website (TMW Site) you, (the Contributor), agree to allow Calypso and SNIA to use, post and reference any IO Capture (Workload Capture) that you upload to the website.

As Contributor, you warrant that you have the legal right and authority to capture the workload represented by your IO Capture, that the IO Capture contains no proprietary or confidential information, and that you, the Contributor will hold Calypso and SNIA harmless for any and all future claims or liabilities that may arise from said workload capture.

You, the Contributor, agree to grant to Calypso and SNIA an unrestricted, perpetual copyright and use license for the said Workload Capture.

By uploading an IO Capture to the TMW Site, you, the Contributor, grant to Calypso an unrestricted, irrevocalbe right to pulish said Workload Capture on the TMW site as well as on SNIA sites as a Reference Real World Workload at or as an example workload capture in any public presentation or trade show demonstration and use by any and all Calypso test software.